My Travel Journey London/Hong Kong

What the fuck is going on? What the fuck is happening?

I already ship that shit and they spoke for like less than a minute. Simmons x Triplett.

I’m going to cry the music is starting to sound slightly Tron: Legacy esque. Oh man I love everything about this show. People who gave up on it are so dumb.

How is grant ward such a badass but actually everyone looks at him like a silly puppy? He just used intense fighting skills and all I see is a little brooding kitten.

"People like us need people like him." I cannot this ot6 pieces solving a puzzle. They all work so well and they compliment each other. I love this show too much.

All their faces when they hear the news. I don’t want to see these babies upset!

No Leo no. Yes Melinda yes.

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I just had the worst thought of all time. What if Skye’s death is the catalyst for the uprising? How do I unthink a thing?

My travels and my new adventure in Hong Kong!